Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beach Clean UP

So there was this international beach clean up event that happened during Saturday. A lot of schools and people went and obviously our school was a part of it also. The tiring thing was that we had to wake up so early and be there by 6 am, and to find out the cleaning up event started around 7 am. Well it was still nice to see the early sun, so I guess that's something positive about it.

This is I think the first time I've joined a cleaning up service event like this, and honestly saying it was pretty fun. We grouped ourselves into groups of 4 or 5 and each had a few trash bags to clean up. I didn't think that the beach here would be this dirty. There were so many kinds of trash like slippers, bottles etc. Seriously, how hard is it to throw these things in the trash can when we're done with them. I don't think the beach should be treated as a trash dumping place for people to throw whatever they want. That's why I think this event is helpful for us to learn to take care of our environment. The beach is a public area, so we should think about other people that might be using it also.

After the event, I saw a lot of trash bags in the main area and that felt pretty nice. Some parts of the beach became much cleanier, and it feels a lot better to walk on now. I'm glad I was of some sort of help in this event, but I got tired quite fast... - - Oh well this might actually be some good morning exercise. Community Service like this might not be as bad as I thought afterall.

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